Garrick Dixon, entrepreneur, barber extraordinaire, and comedian was destined to launch ‘Dixon’s.’  Born and raised in Maryland, Garrick started cutting hair at 12 years old as a hobby. By the time he graduated high school his basement barbershop had become a staple in the community.  Even as a teenager he believed in quality cuts laced with conversation aimed at self-respect, pride and inspiration. After high school, he graduated from Morgan State University with a major in Business Administration and, just as important, his barber license. Armed with these tools and a gift for gab he began the journey of self discovery which would, through success and failure, solidify his principles and vision of “The Dixon Man.”

In 2002 he moved to Los Angeles landing clients like Dave Chappelle, Idris Elba, Mike Epps, Bryshere ‘Yazz’ Gray, Ray J, Corey Hawkins, Tony Rock, and Terrence Howard to name a few.  Garrick had the skillset and personality to curate relationships with elites in the Hollywood scene but, more importantly, he took this celebrity network as an opportunity to learn.  These men are trendsetters with high levels of exposure on television, in concert and social media, but many of these celebrity clients came from humble beginnings. Rather than expecting to be pampered, they used a ‘true luxe barber experience’ to remind them of their self worth. They employed Garrick as more than just a cut-smith. His real job was to help these men be the best version of themselves through the barber styles, beard grooming, and self confidence Garrick was known for.

Throughout his tenure on the Hollywood scene, Garrick was consistently frustrated with the quality and types of hair products being made, especially for African Americans. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t really good either.  Individuals like himself had special needs when it came to hair grooming products. They needed a brand that worked for their textures and barber cuts like Fades, 360 Waves, and Twisted High Tops, but above all they deserve  products that deliver on the promise of making them feel good and have the confidence to be their authentic self.

That led to Dixon’s hair grooming brand. You ask what does the 1737 mean… is the address in Maryland where it all started, where Garrick found the love of barbering and his first dreams of creating products for people that not only he loved, but were quality and created for his culture and community. Dixon’s  is the essential hair grooming line specially formulated by the ‘barber mogul’ infused with a unique blend of natural oils and moisturizers to soothe and protect the skin and hair. The ‘Dixon Experience’ exists in every reflection in his/her mirror.

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